Lena Dunham

Lena Dunham is already a Hollywood A-lister and all around 'It' girl, so she really doesn't need to do much else to convince us of how cool she is. But if you need a reason to love her more, the Girls star is producing a fashion documentary, and her cool factor just went through the roof. The film is called Three Suits, and it's about a LGBTQ-friendly tailor in Brooklyn, New York called Bindle & Keep and its customers. Bindle & Keep's owner, Daniel Friedman specializes in custom suits for clients who can't find the right fit at more traditional tailors. With Lena behind the project, we're pretty sure this documentary will be a hit with the fashion sect and beyond.


Lanvin 1960

You already know how much we love fashion, but birthdays are also a big deal at Fashion Club headquarters (we're deeply into cupcakes and confetti around here). Naturally, we got pretty excited when we found out Lanvin, one of our (and the entire industry's) most loved fashion houses, is celebrating 125 years this year. Started by Jeanne Lanvin in 1889 with only a three hundred franc credit, the House of Lanvin has grown into what Sally Singer of Vogue calls "the fashion world’s most wanted label." In a 1934 interview with Vogue, Jeanne herself said, "I act on impulse and believe in instinct." Alber Elbaz, the house's current creative director, shares this sentiment. "I don't like formulas," he told Vogue. "I think the purpose of fashion is to cause happiness," he added. This approach, which started with a young woman designing gowns and costumes for her little girl, has clearly worked for the House of Lanvin, and we are happy to celebrate 125 years of beautiful clothing with the luxury label.


Jean Paul Gaultier Spring 2015

If ever a designer knew how to go out with a bang, Jean Paul Gaultier is that designer. After recently announcing his plans to stop designing a ready-to-wear collection after some thirty-plus years to focus more on his haute couture label, the designer gave his final Prêt-à-Porter presentation at the Paris Fashion Week Spring 2015 shows on Saturday. But a typical runway show this was not. Gaultier, who was the fashion industry darling from the mid-80s to the 90s with his avant garde aesthetic (think skirt-pants for men and coned corsets), presented a full-fledged beauty pageant--Miss Jean Paul Gaultier 2015 France et Outre Mer--where model Coco Rocha was ultimately "crowned" the winner. There was confetti, disco music, models in masks (hey, we told you he was avant garde), and at the end of it all, thunderous applause. It was indeed a grand finale and final farewell worthy of the great Gaultier.


FIDM Fashion Club has partnered with Caché on our exclusive homecoming trends blog series. Today's topic? How to pick the perfect homecoming dress! 

Every fall, the question of how to choose the perfect homecoming dress must be addressed by even the most stylish of fashionistas. We’ve already covered how to dress for your body type, but that leaves, well, everything else! We’ve put together a list of some major considerations to help you narrow down your choices. But of course, in the end, you’re gonna go with the one that makes you look amazing!

Follow the trends, or keep it classic? This is a tough call. We love some of the latest trends in gown dressing—think lace, sheer, and beading—but homecoming is an event steeped in tradition, and not all of your favorite fall embellishments fit the profile. Know yourself. If you love pushing boundaries, and want to go with an oh-so-of-the-moment cocktail dress, you’ll wear it with confidence and look stunning.

How big a factor is price? Chances are you’re only wearing this dress once, so you’ll have to make some tough decisions on how much to spend. Set a budget for the entire look, and then as you go over budget—trust us, you will—figure out what pieces are essential (do you need those $200 pumps?). In the end, we suggest spending the bulk of your budget on your dress, but you never know when you’ll find a great deal, and then get to splurge on those shoes after all.

Choose depending on your body type! We already covered this, but in case you missed it, read the detailed breakdown here. Long story short: know your body type! If you’re petite, get something short and fitted, if you’re curvier, go for a gown with draped, flowing fabric.

Caché is the only national specialty store offering prom & homecoming dresses and accessories. They've partnered with schools for over a decade, hosting fashion shows and special events. They're experts at "the event before the event," and take pride in styling high school students in the perfect look for their big night.


The puffer vest is the must-have fashion statement of fall!! We picked out five of our favorites, all under $50 each, that are going to rock your world. Keep warm, look super stylin', and save cash. Woot!

1. Joe Fresh Puffer Vest, $28.99, jcpenney.com
2. Ultra Light Down Vest, $49.90, uniqlo.com
3. Southwestern-Inspired Puffer Vest, $32.80, forever21.com
4. Padded Body Warmer, $34.97, hm.com
5. Puffer Vest with Faux Fur Collar, $39.99, target.com

Lauren Conrad

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Junk Gypsy Sweetheart of the Rodeo Jewelry Case

We've got quite the jewelry collection, so we're always looking for new ways to store our most favorite pieces. Naturally, this Junk Gypsy Sweetheart of the Rodeo Jewelry Case landed on our must-have list the minute we saw it--it's insanely stylish and unlike any other jewelry case we've ever owned! It's got a mirror on one side, and plenty of shelves and pegs to house our jewelry and makeup. Plus, it mounts on the wall, thus saving precious real estate on our vanity for other wares.  


FIDM Fashion Club President Chigo Ikeme graduated in June last year from Long Beach Polytechnic High School in Long Beach, California. She's now in her sixth quarter at FIDM Los Angeles studying Merchandise Product Development, and she credits her involvement with Fashion Club as the reason she got accepted early at FIDM!

How did Fashion Club help you get to where you are now? As a former Fashion Club president, being part of FC helped me get my foot into the FIDM door early on. With all the additional information I received about FIDM through the Fashion Club program I was able to apply and get accepted to FIDM as a junior in high school. Fashion Club helped me grow my leadership skills and gave me an outlet at school to be able to share my love of fashion with my fellow classmates.

What's your favorite Fashion Club memory? I have two favorite memories, the first one was being able to produce two fashion shows at my high school. We had an African fashion show during intercultural week and the following year we had a spring trends show in collaboration with Styles4Less. It was fun to see my members strut their stuff down the runway and be an inspiration to our audience. The second memory was having FIDM alumna and current fashion designer Angela Dean of Deanzign as a guest speaker and a mentor to my fashion club members and myself.

Any advice for current Fashion Club members? My biggest advice would be to stay active and involved within your club and always bring your ideas to the table. Also, utilize the great resources that Fashion Club has to offer like providing your club with guest speakers from FIDM and being awarded exclusive scholarships.

Tell us a little about yourself: I'm a huge fashion enthusiast who loves all things chic. I'll be going into my 6th quarter at FIDM this fall and it's a bittersweet feeling to know that I'm almost done with school. I've known about FIDM since elementary school and it was really a dream come true when I got accepted. FIDM is basically my life and I'm enjoying every second of it!

What are your career goals? I hope to one day work in the product development field of a high-end women's contemporary label such as Theory, 3.1 Phillip Lim, or Acne Studios. Next to design, product development is like the bread and butter of every brand. Product developers get to see everything from the initial concept to the final product and they're actively involved with sourcing, costing, and bringing the design idea to life.

What is your fall fashion must this year? My fall fashion must this year is anything suede, fur, or leather. You can never go wrong with a great pair of suede boots, a "look at me now" fur vest, and a wear with everything leather handbag.

Which fashion or beauty trend should just go away?! Surprisingly enough, I'm really loving all of the trends that keep on recurring in fashion because they're being reinterpreted in a high-fashion way. Take for instance the Birkenstock sandals, either you love them or hate them but they've become a huge fashion statement across all levels of the fashion world.

How did you choose your FIDM major? I chose my major because of how versatile it is, this major truly teaches you all aspects of the industry and that is a huge advantage because it makes your career opportunities endless.

What's your favorite class at FIDM so far? My favorite class at FIDM so far was my Trends and Fashion Forecasting class, it helped me fine tune my trend spotting eye and further think outside of the box when it came to analyzing and predicting trends.

Do you have an internship? Yes, I'm the Women's Product Development intern at VINCE, a contemporary brand known for their minimal yet luxurious aesthetic.

What advice do you have for someone thinking about going to FIDM? My advice would be to go for it, if you're really passionate about the industry and you find a major at FIDM that fits you to a T, apply. Don't second guess yourself or feel that you're not at the level you think you should be at, because FIDM is here to help you learn, grow, and become the best you can be in your desired field of study.

Anything else you'd like to share? My journey at FIDM has been very fun, rewarding, and challenging. It allowed me to see my strengths and my shortcomings and is continuing to help me shape myself into the individual I want to become. Make the most you can out of FIDM, explore all the resources and don't be afraid to let FIDM help you in achieving your goals. Never lose sight of who you are and know that knowledge is power, but creativity is a superpower.

Chantelle Brown-Young

The fashion industry has always struggled with diversity--many designers and editors have been called out for the lack of representation of women of color and plus-size models on runways and in magazine pages--but recently we are seeing a more diverse fashion world, and it's about time. This year alone, Deisel featured fashion blogger Jillian Mercado, sitting in her wheelchair and rocking a denim dress and fierce red lip in their Reboot campaign, and more labels are embracing transgender models. Most recently, 19-year old Chantelle Brown-Young, who has a rare skin pigmentation disease called vitaligo, has inked a deal to be the face of Desigual. We're excited about the changing landscape of the industry, and we can't wait to see more changes that will create a more diverse fashion world.


L'Oreal Paris campaign Zoe Saldana Jane Fonda Eva Longoria Freida Pinto Blake Lively

And speaking of diversity, L'Oreal Paris just launched a campaign for their new lipstick, Collection Pure Reds, and the ad, shot by Norma Jean Roy, features a mix of Hollywood heavy-hitters that ranges from Zoe Saldana and Blake Lively to Julianne Moore and Jane Fonda. The campaign, which also features actresses Eva Longoria, Freida Pinto, and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, and models Liya Kibede, Laetitia Casta, and Natasha Poly, shows all ten women dressed in white and wearing bold, red lipstick (natch). And even though they're all sporting different shades of red lips, all ten of these ladies look equally flawless. 


Calvin Klein dressing Sam Smith

Sam Smith is rapidly, rapidly becoming a household name thanks to his hits Stay With Me and Latch with Disclosure (the latter of which we may or may not have on repeat while we work), and when a star is rising as quickly as he is, it's only a matter of time before said star and some briliant fashion designer start collaborating. For his North American tour, which kicks off soon in New York City, Smith and his band will be sporting custom suits from Calvin Klein Collection. The bespoke suits will come in various neutral colors, and will be completed with dress shirts and suede boots. 


FIDM Fashion Club has partnered with Caché on our exclusive homecoming trends blog series. Today's topic? Homecoming dresses for every body type! 

One of the most important aspects of personal style is confidence. Do you feel as good as you look, and do you present yourself to the world as the bold, gorgeous girl you are?! If you long for this sense of empowerment, we’ve got three words that will totally change your world: fit, fit, fit!

With so many different body shapes, it’s impossible to say that a certain style of dress is better than any other. What it comes down to is whether you and your dress are a match. Finding a dress that fits you does wonders. We've got tips for coupling dress style with your body type!


Let’s say you’re a lithesome cross-country runner: you want to avoid a flowy dress that will drown your figure. Instead, go for something more fitted, and show off what you’ve got. Pick the length based on your height—tall girls, go long.


You’ve got a narrow waist and the curves of a '50s pinup. Congrats. Try something fitted at the top, to accentuate the contrast between your bust and your waist that flows down through the legs—you don’t want to overdo it and go fitted head-to-toe.


Many girls with this body type end up dressing more conservatively than they ought to, erring too far on the side of covered up, and hiding who they really are. There are ways to mask trouble spots—draped, flowy fabrics—that fare flattering to a curvy figure. Be sure to pick a style that flows down from the top, which lends a sense of delicateness to your curves. 


Whatever you do, don’t end up swallowed by your dress! It’s tough to shop when everything seems just a size too big—who are all these tall girls anyway, and can they spare an inch or two? Follow the rules for the rest of the body types depending on which you fit, but remember this one thing: when it comes to length, shorter is better!


Neckline is the key to flattering a fuller bust—anything but a high neckline will show off too much cleavage. Go ahead and have fun with the straps, and go for halter or open back styles for a more spirited look.

No matter which style is right for you, remember to have a blast at homecoming. You're going to look stunning. 

Caché is the only national specialty store offering prom & homecoming dresses and accessories. They've partnered with schools for over a decade, hosting fashion shows and special events. They're experts at "the event before the event," and take pride in styling high school students in the perfect look for their big night.


We're mad for plaid on this happy Friday! Bon weekend, all!

1. Plaid Mix Flannel Shirt, $39, joefresh.com
2. Red Tartan Flannel Shirt, $19.90, windsorstore.com
3. Womens Boyfriend Flannel Shirt, $26.99, tillys.com
4. Craft Cider Tasting Top in Navy, $39.99, modcloth.com
5. Plaid Flannel Pocket Shirt, $19.90, forever21.com

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