If you're at all into designer/retailer collaborations (and who isn't?) you'll be as thrilled as we were to learn that Topshop has just launched a cool new line by the design duo behind Marques’Almeida. Marta Marques and Paulo Almeida teamed up with Topshop to create the British multinational retailer's latest designer collab--a sixty-eight piece collection that's available in stores and online now. The inspiration behind the collection? Marta's kid sister, Sofia. "As a kid she couldn’t care a less about fashion but always looked so cool without trying. She’s our go-to inspiration.," Marta explained. The collection includes frayed denim (Marques and Almeida are considered denim gurus, by the way), monochrome basics, and colorful knits and accessories.


Tyra Banks Makeup

Go ahead and start cleaning out your makeup bag now because you're going to want to make room for this: a Tyra Banks makeup line. Tyra Beauty has three collections, and yes, one of them is called Smize; it's devoted to the eyes, natch, and includes a mascara and a liquid eye pen that has an eye makeup corrector to fix mistakes when trying to make the perfect wing tip. The other two collections are the It Factory and TYover, which  are all about bold colorful lips and contouring, respectively. But wait, there's more! Tyra isn't just launching a beauty line, she also dishing out expert tips via tutorial videos. Look for the collections on


Nicolette Mason

There are two types of people in the world: those who see a problem and simply adjust, and those who take action to fix the problem. Fashion blogger and Marie Claire contributing editor Nicolette Mason is the latter. Since the fashion industry often overlooks the plus-size market, Mason took action and designed a line, an all sizes line, for  Modcloth. "My platform has never been just about talking to the plus-size woman," said Mason. "It’s always been about empowering all people — not just women either — to be able to approach style in a real and tangible way and feel like they have access to fashion."  And accessible it is. The eleven-piece collection, with sizes ranging from extra small to 4x, starts at $44.99 and goes up to $149.99, making it a must for all fashionistas, no matter what size they wear or the size of their budget.


The only thing better than the main event is the party that you have total creative control
of. Naturally,  we’re pumped for homecoming, but the pre-game and after-party is where it’s at for showing off your hostess skills and ensuring that all the attention is on you for the big
day. It take some time and effort, but we’re here to help. Check out our list of party
ideas, and start planning!

This is a great after-party option because it's inexpensive, nostalgic, and communal. All you need is some wood, lighter fluid, matches, and presto--instant fete! There are few constraints on your guest list, as the venue is, um, open. Just make sure that your chosen site legally allows for fires and you're good to go. Bonus tip: Bring plenty of graham crackers, marshmallows and chocolate, for you know what.

Movie Marathon
A movie marathon is a great way to wind down after a long night of partying. We’re especially fond of '80s flicks like Heathers, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Pretty in Pink, Sixteen Candles, and Risky Business. Gather a dozen of your best friends, a bevy of sleeping bags, and sprawl out on the floor of a basement or den. Want to take it over the top? Weather permitting, consider renting a projector and having everyone gather in the yard for a pseudo drive-in experience.

Dance Off
Picture this: you and all your friends drive out to a woodsy clearing, open all the
car doors, blast the music, and finally settle who’s got the best moves. Don't forget to leave the headlights on so everyone can see your signature moves or. Bonus tip: Tiki torches are a great way to light up the night. Just make sure they're permitted.

When it comes to decor, you’ve got two options: you can match the theme of your
homecoming—A Night in Paris, Bourbon Street Masquerade, Italian Serenade—or come up with your own fun theme, such as Tiki Disco (see above!) If you’re taking on the responsibility of organizing, your friends ought to be game to split the cost, so don’t worry about footing the bill. Just make sure everyone is aware of how much they owe beforehand.

Photo shoot
Take pictures early on in the night, when everyone looks their absolute best. Pick a scenic spot—think flowers, late afternoon light, greenery—and cozy up to your date. Trust us, you’ll want to capture this. And since every photo shoot deserves at least one hilarious group shot, gather some props for everyone and take a goofy pic that will make you giggle for years to come! Are you on Instagram? Of course you are! Tag your look #cachestyle.


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Sew a Song

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Glow in the Dark Tights

October is a really fun time of year, and one of the reasons is, of course, Halloween. We love dressing up in costumes, but realize it's not entirely practical to do so all month long. Since we can't run errands, go to school, or show up at the office in full Lady Gaga regalia, we're trying to find ways to celebrate one of our favorite holidays, but in a more subtle and subdued way. And also because pulling off Lady Gaga for 31 days straight would be really hard (how does she do it?). These Glow in the Dark Tights from Topshop are the perfect solution. The glow in the dark bats are super Halloween-y, but not at all costumey. 

Eddy Anemian for H&M

We're about a month out until the Alexander Wang x H&M hits stores, but fashionistas can still get their shop on with another, less anticipated but still pretty fabulous collaboration: Eddy Anemian x H&M. Not sure who Eddy Anemian is? Don't worry, you will. Anemian is the 24-year old student who won the 2014 H&M Design Award and, judging from the gorgeous skirt pictured above, soon-to-be fashion star. "Eddy's work was very beautiful,"  said H&M Creative Advisor Erdem Moralioglu. "The textile techniques used were interesting, as well as the elegant silhouettes he created. The future is very bright for him. I'm excited to see what he will do next." As are we! Look for Anemian's collection in select H&M stores and online starting October 23.


Elizabeth and James Nirvana Oils

CFDA winners Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen already have a good thing in their Elizabeth and James Nirvana perfume but that's not stopping these busy designers from taking the success of the fragrance further with the launch of two new perfume oils, Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black and Nirvana White. "Ashley and I love how oils seep into the skin and how they wear with you throughout the day," said Mary-Kate. The formulas are a blend of eveningprimrose and safflower oils combined with the individual notes of the two Nirvana fragrances--peony, musk, and muguet for Nirvana White, and sandalwood, violet, and vanilla for Nirvana Black. Both are available now for $35 at


Joanna Coles

Joanna Coles has a new job. The editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan magazine is taking over as editorial director for Seventeen and she's already got big plans for the teen glossy. "I love the idea of girl power, and I want to make it feel really empowering," she said. "It's very important that we do a lot of stuff on body and nutrition and health, and how to stay healthy, a lot of stuff about mental health, a lot of stuff about your parents, your best friends, your relationship with social media." But it doesn't stop at nutrition and social media. Joanna added, "I want Seventeen to be this little playbook that you carry with you to get you to college."


FIDM Fashion Club has partnered with Caché on our exclusive homecoming trends blog series. Today's topic? How to put together the ultimate homecoming fashion emergency kit! 

It’s your big night, and that means any little thing that might throw it off becomes a huge point of stress and anxiety. We’re here to bring you all the little tips and tricks to avoid disaster, and own the event with confidence.

Fashion Tape:
This one is an absolute must for stubborn dresses that just won’t stay in place. Tape loose, draped fabrics to your skin and avoid an embarrassing revelation.

Deodorant Removing Sponge:
Just imagine: you’re in a gorgeous, new, darkly colored dress, when out of nowhere appears an unsightly deodorant stain, out to punish you for smelling good. Fear not. These genius little sponges are an absolute godsend.

Sewing Kit:
The plan was to bust a move on the dance floor, but instead you bust a seam on your dress. Be sure to have a sewing kit, and a deft pair of hands for stitching up any unexpected wardrobe wounds.

Travel Size Wrinkle Releaser:
Fact: certain fabrics simply wrinkle more easily than others. We love this product for ensuring your dress stays smooth all night long.

Travel Size Static Guard:
Avoid shocking situations with this little savior.

Lint Removing Sheets:
The only thing clinging to you should be your date. You definitely need these if you’re wearing an LBD.

Foot Petals/Heel Savers:
Every girl has been there: you’re hours into the night, looking fabulous in brand new heels, but you simply can’t take the pain any longer, and end up dancing the night away barefoot. Nip this one in the bud with some comfortable insoles.

Hair Bands:
Yes, your hair looked amazing at the beginning of the night (hint: that’s when you should be taking all your pics!) but all that partying is guaranteed to wear down even the simplest coiffure. Have a hair band ready for a second act quick change.

The last thing you want is to get sidelined by a little cut. They also double as defense against sudden blisters.

Nail File:
This one’s probably obvious—who ever leaves the house without one—but a nail file is a girl’s best friend. Make sure your perfect manicure stays that way.

Caché is the only national specialty store offering prom & homecoming dresses and accessories. They've partnered with schools for over a decade, hosting fashion shows and special events. They're experts at "the event before the event," and take pride in styling high school students in the perfect look for their big night.


We know it's still 90 degrees in LA, but soon and very soon it'll be fall weather, right? It will get chilly eventually, and when it does, you're going to need a new scarf! In the mean time, start shopping! We found five adorable plaid scarves we absolutely love. Happy Friday!

1. Felted Plaid Scarf, $17.95,
2. Rust Check Scarf, $15,
3. Brushed Plaid Blanket Scarf, $39,
4. Frayed Plaid Scarf, $10.90,
5. Green Oversized Plaid Scarf, $40,

Karl Lagerfeld

Here's a look at what the designers themselves wear to their runway shows. (

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Street style pics from Paris Fashion Week--it doesn't get much more fabulous than this. (Fashionista)

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Yes, it is possible to wear comfy pieces without looking sloppy. (Kendi Everyday)


You're invited to Glitterati Social Club's DIY party tomorrow night (Wednesday, October 1st) at Maker City LA in DTLA.

It's going to be an amazing evening of crafting (splatter paint necklaces courtesy of JustFab), dancing, manis, and so much more.

Tickets are $22, available here. Psst! Enter discount code MissKris for $10 off!!

Kitten Keepy Ring Dish

We've got kind of a paper clip issue happening on our desk--they've sort of taken over, hiding under papers and Post-It notes or falling out of the drawer whenever we open it. And here's the thing: we don't mind the paper clips (we actually need them), we just don't want them all over the place. And if it's possible to get our paper clip situation under control and still have our desk look cute, all the better. This Kitten Keepy Ring Dish from Catbird NYC is clearly the answer to our problems.

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