Simren Noorudin just graduated from Clements High School in Sugar Land, Texas where she was the FIDM Fashion Club President. She's now studying Fashion Design on FIDM's Los Angeles campus. Don't miss's fall fashion article featuring Simren Noorudin!

How did Fashion Club help you get to where you are now? Fashion Club definitely helped me gain more confidence and leadership knowledge that every leader-in-the-making strives for.

What's your favorite Fashion Club memory? My favorite memory was seeing students connect over similar interests and share their own creative thoughts and ideas with each other. Seeing the creativity in each individual was an unforgettable feeling and experience.

Any advice for current Fashion Club members? Have fun, be outspoken, aspire, and be inspired. There is so much you can do for yourself and others. You will never know what your capable of until you explore your possibilities.

What are your career goals? My plan A is to have my own high fashion line one day. My plan B? Die in the pursuit of plan A.

Do you have an internship? I've already interned for Bibi Bridal Magazine, an Indian bridal company. I will one day intern for Miuccia Prada.

What is your fall fashion must this year? My must have for this fall will be a long fashionable trench coat. They are so sophisticated and exotic. I will definitely NEED one in my closet asap!

Which fashion or beauty trend should just go away?! Mullet dresses. Extreme difference in the mullets bring an unpleasant and un sophisticated look that i do not like to go for in fashion.

What's your favorite drugstore beauty product? Voluminous mascara by L'Oreal—you can find it in any drugstore. I will not go a day without this beauty product. It's the best thing that has ever happened for my eyelashes.

Anything else you'd like to share? While coming into a big city alone, from Texas, I have learned many things about myself. Yes it may seem crazy at first, but you can do it. My dreams are more important than my fears. I chose to put myself in scenarios that will help me grow as a person while benefiting my career as well. I will go as far as I can to accomplish everything I have ever dreamt of. Nothing and no one can stop me. Coming to this big city, alone, to chase my dreams was my first step. The next step? Never giving up. Take your first step.

Follow these four easy steps to start an official FIDM Fashion Club at your high school!


Angelina Stepic was the president and founder of Lane Tech High School FIDM Fashion Club in Chicago, Illinois. She graduated in June of 2014 and is now studying Visual Communications at FIDM! Don't miss's back-to-school fall fashion story this month featuring Angelina! 

How did Fashion Club help you get to where you are now? Fashion Club opened up so many opportunities for me. Not only did I receive scholarship money to help pay for college, I also learned about leadership, communication, and teamwork.

What's your favorite Fashion Club memory? My favorite Fashion Club memory was our end of the year party when all the members brought in their completed projects and shared them with the group. We had a great time looking at each others work, eating cake, and bonding over our love of fashion.

Any advice for current Fashion Club members? Don’t be afraid to share your ideas with the president! We love hearing your project suggestions and incorporating them into our next meetings.

What are your career goals? After I graduate from FIDM, I would love to style photo shoots for a company or magazine. I imagine myself choosing the models, their outfits, and the set or location of a shoot. I love photography, and it would be an amazing career to help bring it to life.

Do you have an internship? I do not yet have an internship. My dream internship would be for Vogue Magazine because who wouldn’t want to help create the fashion Bible every month? 

What is your fall fashion must this year? A great leather jacket and combat boots—they’re classic and add the right amount of edge to any outfit.

Which fashion or beauty trend should just go away?! The “ugly sandals” trend. I just don’t get it; the shoes look outdated and unflattering.

What's your favorite drugstore beauty product: Rocket Volume Express Mascara by Maybelline

Any FIDM myths you'd like to debunk? When people think fashion school is easy or a joke, it makes me so furious. Though I am just starting at FIDM, I can already see it is going to be challenging and rigorous. Students learn a lot and get tons of projects every week, to the equivalent of any other college, if not even more.

Anything else you'd like to share? Always go after your dreams, no matter who tries to tear them down. FIDM has taught me that with hard work you can accomplish anything.

Follow these four easy steps to start an official FIDM Fashion Club at your high school!


Well, it looks like Fame wasn't enough for Gaga, so it was time to launch something new. We're talking about fragrances, of course!

This fall Lady Gaga is coming out with her second perfume, called Eau de Gaga. With a name like that, one can only guess what it smells like, but we don't have to because WWD has reported it has a "woody-floral-citrus scent, built around a heart of white violet and containing hints of leather and lime."

So far, it looks like it will not be available in the United States, but if you find yourself in any of the following countries you may be able to get your very own bottle of Eau de Gaga: Australia, Canada, the Czech Republic, Ireland, Italy, the Middle East, Romania, Russia, Spain, and the U.K.

Get more fragrance reviews here.

Did you know that you can get a college degree in beauty industry merchandising & marketing? Find out more about FIDM and kickstart your career.


Hello, Fashion Girl:

I'll be going back to school in less than a month and it will be my senior year. I'll be buying all my own clothes this year so I'm on a very limited budget, and I'm trying to be realistic. I don't need an entirely new wardrobe, but I want a few things that I could combine to make multiple outfits.

For my birthday, I asked for specific pieces of clothing for my senior pictures, and money for back to school. I got what I asked for and I couldn't be happier! So, I already have a new shirt, dress, sweater, and a pair of boots. My biggest problem now is finding out what staples are most important and versatile.

I love websites like Modcloth that have unique looking vintage clothes, but I need a place that carries juniors sizes as I've found that I don't fit in women's. Lastly, my school's dress code is very strict so everything needs to be almost to my knees and have thick sleeves or a cardigan/jacket over it.


Dear Abigail:

Here are some tips:

Get a dress that can double as a skirt, and bam—you're already getting twice the wear out of your new purchase.

Sleeveless dress

Look for fabrics that you can dress up or dress down, such as pleather or polyester. Wear something like the skirts below with Converse and a plain white t-shirt and you're set for school, but with pumps and a lace top? Instant glamour.


As far as where to shop that sells junior? Brass Plum at Nordstrom is ideal, plus places like Forever 21 and H&M specialize in small sizes.

Also, you mentioned you love Modcloth and that vintage flair. Have you ever thrifted? Some of the best vintage clothing can be found at places like Goodwill and the Salvation Army!

Be sure to check out our Budget Fashion Guide on for more tips!

Stylishly Yours,

Fashion Girl

Got a question for Fashion Girl? Send it to

Anna Wintour

An Anna Wintour book? Sure. A movie? Perhaps. But a musical inspired by the Vogue EIC? Brace yourselves--it's happening, people. Ryan Raftery, the creator of the show, titled Ryan Raftery Is the Most Powerful Woman in Fashion, got the idea after seeing the famously icy Wintour on the street where, according to him, she grimaced in his direction. "She’s Darth Vader and Hilary Clinton in one little package," he explained. Having run out of material for his solo act Raftery decided to use the encounter with Wintour as inspiration for a new show. The controversial Kimye Vogue cover is the basis for the plot--Raftery paints the picture that Wintour believes she'll be fired for it, causing her to reflect on her life. And while we know the musical is meant to be funny (Raftery changed the lyrics of Chicago's "Class" to "Flats," as in the shoe style), we can't help but think it'll also be just a little bit glamorous. It is Anna Wintour, after all.

Rita Ora for Adidas

Rita Ora's collection for Adidas is set to launch on August 21, and fans of the singer will be happy to know a teaser video has been released. In it, Ora can be seen wearing pieces from the collection and narrating, "Goodbye, barriers and obstacles. So long to everything holding me back. Believe in yourself and you can become anything." And Ora may be living proof of that. The "How We Do" singer went from selling sneakers as a kid, to designing a collection for one of the biggest sneaker labels in the industry. "I grew up working at a sneaker store when I was 16 and am a huge sneaker head. It's so cool that I'm able to do this with a brand that I sold when I was younger," she said in an interview with WWD back in May. The 21st is just ten short days away, but if you can't wait until then, be sure to check out the video.


We realize we may cause a frenzy here, but we would be remiss if we didn't share this news with our readers. And we have to say, this is all just speculation at this point, as RiRi herself has not commented. But, the 26-year old singer purchased the trademark for Fenty, her last name, for several categories, including apparel, beauty, cosmetics, swimwear, and lingerie. She's already collaborated with River Island on three collections, and has a wildly fabulous collection with MAC Cosmetics, so an eponymous line may just be in the works. Stay tuned!


The hunt for cool specs is a never-ending one. Sure, there are tons of options, probably now more so than ever, but it's sort of similar to shopping for jeans--the more choices we have, the harder it is to make a decision. But these Kamalikulture Square Cat Eye specs in Gold Sparkle were pretty much a no-brainer. They're sparkly, they're as unique and unexpected as they are chic, and they're less than a hundred dollars. Plus, we think it's kind of cool that Norma Kamali wears the same square cat eye style every day!


For the first time ever, Urban Decay is opening their very own freestanding store location! Set to open by early November, it's going to be at the Fashion Island shopping center in Newport Beach, California, just 15 minutes away from FIDM's Orange County campus.

One thing that will definitely be different from what is offered at the Urban Decay stations at places like Sephora and Ulta, is an offering of Urban Decay lifestyle products such as T-shirts, mugs, headphones and bags. Sounds good, right?

It's going to be a great thing for the brand. Industry sources estimate the store could generate $1 million to $2 million yearly. 

Oh, and here's a fun fact. The bathroom wall is going to be covered with photos of dogs owned by the employees at Urban Decay. Awww....woof!

DIY Jeweled Cap

We're totally into this DIY jeweled cap from P.S. I Made This.

Arielle of Something Navy breaks down her go-to outfit.

College Fashion has some stylish outfit ideas for the first day of class.

The ten trends you simply must have this fall, according to Lucky magazine.

Billboard has a roundup of the best festival style of last weekend's Lollapalooza 2014.

Beauty expert Kelly Shew talked to's Our Happy Place about why dyeing your hair pink is so awesome.

Design Darling is kind of obsessed with white fisherman sweaters, and so are we!

The sweetest mint-hued school supplies on Passports & Pearls.

Shake Your Beauty has tips for getting perfectly gorgeous, perfectly uniform curls.

You simply must check out the confetti liner tutorial on The Beauty Department. We're definitely testing it out this weekend!


Let's get back to basics, shall we? Everyone needs a black bag. They're kinda standard issue when it comes to fashion. We found five fabulous ones under $50. Enjoy! Oh, and Happy Friday! xo

1. ASOS Square Clutch Bag With Zip Top, $29.02,
2. Silence+Noise North Convertible Triple-Zip Clutch, $39,
3. Faux Leather Zippered Bag, $29.80,
4. All The Small Things Bag, $38,
5. Small Shoulder Bag, $9.95,

Even though it's a little young for you guys, we kinda love this Old Navy ad for back-to-school. So, of course we had to share. The spot was created by CAA Marketing and features a Broadway-type song written by Tony-nominated songwriters Benji Pasek and Justin Paul.

And even though the Womp Womp is a total jerk, he's really quite cute. Enjoy!

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