If you've been following us on social, you've seen our terrified cat back-to-school graphic (posted below in case you missed it). It inspired us to, well, show more cats. Awwww. We think these t-shirts are purrfectly adorable!

1. Creepin' Cat T-Shirt, $40, topshop.com
2. Screaming Cat Print Crop Top, $19, chicnova.com
3. Cat in Sunnies T-Shirt, $20.90, yesstyle.com
4. Catastrophe T-Shirt by Riot Society, $21.99, tillys.com
5. Meowzilla Graphic Muscle T-Shirt, $12.80, forever21.com



Hey, Fashion Girl: 

School is about to start and I cannot think of a single thing to wear. Please, please help!

—M. Brooke

Dear M.:

The outfit you wear on the first day back at school will set the tone for the entire year. It's gotta be absolutely perfect, right?! No, way! It's the first of many opportunities throughout the year that you'll have to express your fashion sense and, most of all, your personality! So, have fun with it. The last thing you want to do it put tons of pressure on yourself. There's enough pressure that just comes from school. Am I right?

So, why not put together a completely low maintenance look that says you're confident. Some of the best fall fashion trends to rock are: jumpsuits, short skirts, animal prints, and denim jackets.

We put together two outfits to give you some styling ideas. Happy shopping!

Stylishly Yours,

—Fashion Girl



Above: Sweater, $39, joefresh.com; Skirt, $29, joefresh.com; Slides, $45, bcfootwear.com


Above: Denim Jacket, $39, joefresh.com; Jumpsuit, $29.95, hm.com; Flats, $60, bcfootwear.com

Got a question for Fashion Girl? Send it to fashiongirl@fidm.com.

Lucky magazine

There's been a lot of talk about Lucky magazine of late, namely, how a lack of ad pages will affect the glossy's future. The magazine about shopping, once the darling of Conde Nast, has undergone a lot of changes recently and it was announced last week that the parent company is giving the mag the proverbial boot. While Vogue and other Conde Nast publications are packing up to move to their new headquarters at the World Trade Center, Lucky will not be joining them, but instead has been handed off to BeachMint, a social commerce company based in Santa Monica that sells inexpensive clothing. Lucky will now be part of a new company, the Lucky Group, which has its own multibrand shopping site (similar to Shopbop or ASOS), and former EIC Eva Chen will be the chief creative officer. There is still a ton of confusion wrapped around this new development, and readers want to know if there will still be a Lucky magazine in their mailbox each month. The answer is yes for now; Conde Nast will still print the glossy and Anna Wintour will retain an advisory role, but according to Eva Chen, "There will be a lot of new toys to play with." Stay tuned...


Spring mobile app

If you've ever shopped from your phone, you'll be happy to know that a new mobile app called Spring is making it tons easier. Spring is a multi-brand marketplace exclusively for smartphones, and it's a total mobile shopping game changer. Shoppers can follow their favorite designers and love products that they can then save for purchase later or buy directly. And with a list of designers including Opening Ceremony, Proenza Schouler, Warby Parker, Marchesa, Rag & Bone, and on and on, Spring is already the talk of the fashion sect. "No one wants to download 50 different sites, and nobody wants to download 50 different apps," says Ara Katz, Spring's co-founder and chief marketing officer. "That's a bad experience. On a browser, it's not so bad of an experience. But what was waiting on mobile was multi-brand experiences." We couldn't agree more! Spring is truly the future of shopping, and we can't wait to make our first purchase!



Allure is dedicated to all things beauty, so it makes sense that now readers will be able to book their beauty appointments right from the magazine's website. A partnership with BeautyBooked, a beauty treatment booking service founded in 2012, allows readers to see what appointments are available, read Allure content about a particular spa, and purchase beauty treatments. Readers will also be able to book appointments straight from Allure's editorial content, such as salon reviews. All transactions take place on the Allure website, so there's no need to jump back and forth between the magazine and BeautyBooked's site. It's a genius concept that works for parties.

Ace & Jig Revel Dress

We can't help but be a little excited for fall this time of year, especially when we come across great fashion finds like this Revel Dress from Ace & Jig. Is it not completely perfect for fall? The colors, those stripes, the cowl neck---we're smitten! And as cool and unique as it looks, the backstory is even better: the fabric is handwoven on ancient looms by artisans in India, who in turn receive free child care and organic produce that's been grown with reclaimed water. Seriously, does it get any better?

Jordan Lausch

FIDM Major: Merchandise Product Development

FIDM Grad Year: 
June 2014

Urban Outfitters (URBN Inc.)

Product Development Assistant

Tell us a little about yourself: 
I'm inspired by the ocean and the great outdoors in general. I'm an avid antiquer. I make dream catchers in my spare time.

Where are you working? 
I work at URBN Inc. Home Office in Philadelphia, PA. I am currently working for the Urban Outfitters brand as a product development assistant for both men's and women's sweaters. Every single day is different and inspiring at Urban. Most of my time is spent communicating directly to our vendors overseas about yarns that we are sourcing, styles that are being developed, and costing. This information then gets translated back to our design, production, and buying teams. 

How did you find out about the job opportunity? 
I began working with URBN at a store level when I started at FIDM in San Diego. I started as a sales associate at Anthropologie in La Jolla and was quickly promoted to the position of resident personal shopper. I then made a move to Los Angeles to finish my time at FIDM which lined up with an opportunity to be part of the opening team of BHLDN (Anthropologie's bridal sister brand) in Beverly Hills. It was through the store opening that I was able to pick the brains of several Home Office employees and I was later introduced the the Product Development recruiter at URBN. The rest is history.

How do you feel FIDM prepared you for what you are doing now? 
My past classes at FIDM translate directly into my position now. FIDM has also granted me with the skill set to fully understand the design and garment construction processes. Connections made with instructors were (and continue to be) very important to me as I navigate this industry. 

How did you decide on your major at FIDM? 
I chose Product Development because I wanted the opportunity equally learn the business and creative sides of the industry. Product Development is an extremely well-rounded major. 

Looking back, which classes at FIDM were most valuable to you? 
Sourcing materials is a large part of my job here at Urban and I find myself referring back to my Production and Sourcing Strategies class that I took during my last quarter at FIDM. I also keep my Textile Science swatch book on my desk for easy fiber and stitch reference.

Any advice for current FIDM Students? 
Work, work, work. Even if that means flipping burgers at In-n-Out (I miss you, In-n-Out!!). A full resume always trumps an empty one.

What is your biggest goal right now? 
My biggest goal right now is to furnish my new, historic apartment in Old City Philadelphia, and to continue to grow with URBN.

Anything else you’d like to share? 
See what inspires me and scenes from the office by following me on Instagram (@jordlausch) or by taking a gander at my blog, www.jjorrdan.tumblr.com.


One of the best things about going back to school, besides of course learning tons of new stuff (obvi!), is fall fashion! We put together the perfect back-to-school outfit.

1. Cropped Cable Knit Sweater, $27.80, forever21.com
2. Black Boots, $34.95, hm.com
3. Navy Floral Silk Skirt, $35, topshop.com
4. Mossimo Supply Black Backpack, $34.99, target.com
5. Flannel Shirt, $22.99, target.com

Shiona Turini

Meet Fashion Market Director of Cosmopolitan magazine Shiona Turini on Shop Talk.

Love, love, love this braided updo on Allure!

We're totally drooling over every detail of Pink Peonies' office/closet.

Harper's Bazaar has the scoop on Audrey Hepburn's granddaughter, and she's kind of amazing.

Whoa! Refinery 29 is publishing a street style book and it's coming in October!!

A Bit of Sass wants to talk about extreme nail art.

Marimekko's iconic Unikko print is turning 50 years old. See how the label is celebrating on InStyle.

The Style and Beauty Doctor has the entire Altuzarra for Target lookbook, and it's about as chic as it gets.

We love how Brooklyn Blonde mixed camo with stripes.

It's all things gold on Stripes & Sequins and we ain't mad.


I'sha Dunston was the co-founder and president of Fremont Christian School FIDM Fashion Club in Fremont, California. She just graduated and is now studying Merchandise Product Development at FIDM! Don't miss FashionClub.com's fall fashion story featuring I'sha!

How did Fashion Club help you get to where you are now? Fashion Club has helped me a lot with communication! By being open and communicating with people without hesitating or being shy. Now that I am at FIDM I can talk to people here without being shy because of my Fashion Club experience. I had to talk to a lot of girls that I didn't know at my school, and even talk to other girls in Fashion Clubs at other schools that we visited for community service.

What's your favorite Fashion Club memory? My favorite Fashion Club memory is making tie dye shirts with the other members.

Any advice for current Fashion Club members? My advice is to get a headstart and start planning—do as many things as possible. Make your high school experience fun! It's fashion!!!

What are your career goals? My career goal is to have my own clothing line within the next 7 years and make it global.

Do you have an internship? I don't have an internship right now, but I would love to intern for Louis Vuitton.

What is your fall fashion must this year? Flannels tied around the waist

Which fashion or beauty trend should just go away?! I'm not a fan of the cat-eye eyeliner anymore. That seriously needs to go.

What's your favorite drugstore beauty product? I love the makeup remover at Walgreens.

Anything else you'd like to share? For those who are seniors, make the best of high school; don't put so much pressure on yourself about graduating. Just stay on top of your studies and you will be just fine. Also, if you are really into fashion, beauty, marketing, sketching, etc. (you name it), attend FIDM!! Attending FIDM is one of the best decisions I've made in my life on my OWN!

Follow these four easy steps to start an official FIDM Fashion Club at your high school!


Camille Nichelini was the president of San Marin High School FIDM Fashion Club in Novato, California. She graduated in June and is now studying Visual Communications at FIDM. Don't miss FashionClub.com's fall fashion story featuring Camille!

How did Fashion Club help you get to where you are now? Fashion Club definitely helped to hone my leadership skills.

What's your favorite Fashion Club memory? My favorite Fashion Club memory is probably when we made hair bows—there was hot glue and cookie crumbs everywhere, but we bonded amazingly that day!

Any advice for current Fashion Club members? Make the most of it! Fashion Club is a great way to spend time with your friends and bond over fashion. Go on field trips, invest money for fun projects, have fun!

What are your career goals? After graduating from FIDM I would love to work as a stylist/set decorator for TV or movie productions. Of course Visual Communications is a very broad major, so who knows—maybe I'll end up wanting to be an event coordinator or window display artist at the end of my FIDM journey.

Do you have an internship? I do not have an internship, but sometime in the future I would love to intern for a successful freelance stylist or Hollywood set decorator.

What is your fall fashion must this year? I love fall specifically because it's sweater weather. Chunky print sweaters are always a must!

Which fashion or beauty trend should just go away?! The flower crown trend is long over.

What's your favorite drugstore beauty product? I'm a huge fan of Maybelline's Baby Lips.

Any FIDM myths you'd like to debunk? Before coming to FIDM I had been bombarded with the idea that it was going to be filled with snobby, mean girls who would judge you at first glance. However, FIDM students are probably some of the nicest, kindest people I have ever encountered! Everyone is always willing to help, whether it be with finding your next class or taking your outfit-of-the-day picture!

Follow these four easy steps to start an official FIDM Fashion Club at your high school! 


Ashley Podrebarac was the president and founder of La Salle High School FIDM Fashion Club in Pasadena, California. She is now studying Fashion Design at FIDM, and recently modeled in FashionClub.com's fall fashion article. Don't miss it!

How did Fashion Club help you get to where you are now? Fashion Club opened the door for me to opportunities in the industry.

What's your favorite Fashion Club memory? My favorite memory in Fashion Club is when we built a 5' by 6' mandala out of colorful sand. It was breathtaking.

Any advice for current Fashion Club members? I know it's hard to get a consistent group to show up to meetings so we actually scheduled little lunch meetings once a week and that got a lot more people in a routine during their busy weeks.

What are your career goals? Every fashion designer wants to have their own clothing line and company. But if that does not work out, I love working with companies within the industry.

Do you have an internship? I had an internship with Nordstrom and right now I'm working for GUESS Company and absolutely love working for them.

What is your fall fashion must this year? I'm loving the fun patterned knee length pencil skirts that you can easily dress up or dress down. With a pair of short boot heels and layered jewelry.

Which fashion or beauty trend should just go away?! Denim purses made from old jeans! I scold the first person who cut their old jeans into a purse. Yes, I was guilty back in the day. I definitely owned one when they were all the rage, and I can't believe myself!

What's your favorite drugstore beauty product? I am a huge RiteAid fan. I struggle with sensitive skin and I'm not one to carry around a makeup bag throughout my day, so I found Super Stay by Maybelline and I absolutely love it. I have flushed cheeks and I found it covers well and actually does last all day and night. Their concealer is great, too.

Any FIDM myths you'd like to debunk? That's a hard one because there are not many. I guess I could say that most people tend to think it's an "all girl school" or "all guys who go to FIDM are gay." However, this is so FALSE! There are tons of wonderful straight and gay men at FIDM. If you have a passion for the industry, it shouldn't come with a label.

Follow these four easy steps to start an official FIDM Fashion Club at your high school!

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