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Timberland High School FIDM Fashion Club President Kelcie Dees shares with us her club story about an ugly sweater DIY. Read on to find out what Kelcie has to say...

Hello! I am Kelcie Dees, President of Timberland High School FIDM Fashion Club in Wentzville, Missouri. Our Fashion Club Advisor is Jamie Daughaday, the Senior FACS and Clothing I teacher. We have twelve members and we've been a club at Timberland High for two years now.

Two of our favorite activities we did this year were the pumpkin decorating we did in the fall and the ugly sweater decorating we did in the winter. Our motto is: “Be you—show your personality in more ways than one.”

The ugly sweater decoration was a way of raising money for the THS Fashion Club. We distributed flyers to the faculty to raise awareness and interest in our project. All that the teachers had to do was donate to the club, provide a sweater, and write a note telling us what they would like their sweater to look like. This was easily one of the funnest projects we have ever done! All of the girls loved reusing our crafting materials to make something new. The ugly sweater fundraiser provided an opportunity for us to show the other students how much fun Fashion Club can be and what we strive for.

Our club members look forward to our meetings. We've created a family-like environment that has helped us all come together as best friends. Fashion Club also gives us the chance to venture out into different subjects that none of us would have thought of being involved in, in a fantastic way.

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Reindeer couple



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FIDM Fashion Club President Hannah Burak shares with us her club story about Big Bear High School's 6th Annual Fashion Show: "Insert Fashion Here." Her 10-member club in Big Bear Lake, California, started seven years ago with Ms. Tena Dekker as their Fashion Club Advisor. Read on to find out what Hannah has to say...

Tell us about the fashion show: Our 6th annual fashion show will be a display of our passion for fashion, and a celebration of how far we have come as a club. We have titled it “Insert-Fashion-Here”, it will be held on May 8 in our school cafeteria. Each year the fashion show generates the funds for our club to continue. As a senior and club president my personal goal is to raise enough money to leave behind that the club I love so much will be able to continue for years to come. My vice president, Melissa Kerr, and myself, are best friends and we have been active members of the club for all four years of high school, we hope that this show will be our best yet, and create a lasting memory in the halls of B.B.H.S. 

How many models will you have? Each designer has to have a minimum of five models. I, personally, have eight models and eight looks.

How did you go about getting your models to sign up? Models volunteer to participate every year, I have several models who have been with me since my first show. I started by asking my friends, and spreading the word through the school announcements.  

Where are you getting the clothing? Each designer makes all of their outfits for their collections, if the designer makes the choice to buy an article of clothing, it must be 80% different from when they originally purchased it before it walks the run way. 

How are you promoting the fashion show? We promote our fashion show through several different outlets. The way we have found most effective is through Facebook, but we also advertise through our local newspaper, radio station, and school announcements.

What do you like the most about putting together a show like this? My favorite part of putting on the fashion show is the show itself—watching all my hard work walk on a runway in front of all my friends and family. I hope to inspire future designers and encourage them to participate in future shows.

What are the challenges? The main challenge of putting on any show is getting several creative, very opinionated designers to work together to put on an amazing program. At the same time, I feel this is one of the most beneficial parts of the show because creativity just flows and there is never a shortage of ideas.

Anything else you’d like to share? The FIDM Fashion Club has by far been my favorite part of high school. It has given me an outlet to express myself and let my creativity show. As a freshmen I was horribly shy, but Fashion Club helped me gain confidence. As the president and an exiting senior it is so bittersweet—all my hard work is coming to an end. I will become a Fashion Club Alumna and my only participation after this show will be to attend and support future programs. My hope is that the legacy I leave behind will be substantial enough that the club will continue to thrive. I know personally that this club changes lives and sparks passion in others, and our 6th annual show will be no exception. 

Check out the images from Big Bear High School's last two fashion shows.

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Chicago Trip 029

This week, Olathe South High School FIDM Fashion Club Advisor Opal Stephens shares with us about her club's field trip to Chicago. Her 15-member club in Olathe, Kansas, started this year. Read on to find out what Opal has to say...

Fashion Club members from Olathe South High School participated in a Design Trip to Chicago in April. Students were excited to see the fashions along with the hustle and bustle of a big city.

Design stops included a tour of Macy’s at Marshall Fields, shopping the Magnificent Mile, the Merchandise Mart, The Art Institute of Chicago, and seeing Million Dollar Quartet. Sightseeing attractions such as Navy Pier, Skydeck Chicago, Millennium Park, and “The Bean” were incorporated as well. The trip was full of culture and adventure!

Arian Moye, a design student said it was “a great experience to see another world of fashion and interior design." She continued, "Those three days, we walked in as strangers and by the end, we walked out being the best of friends. Super fun!”

Another design student, Kristen Tompkins, said, “My favorite part of the trip was going to the Skydeck at Willis Tower and shopping, of course. The trip was full of memories that I will never forget. I’m so glad that I could make new friends and explore the city of Chicago.”  

Check out some of their amazing images below.

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Chicago Trip 033

Chicago Trip 042

Chicago Trip 063

Chicago Trip 100

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Agoura High School FIDM Fashion Club is hosting their 9th Annual Fashion Show on Friday, May 8, 2015, at 7:00 pm at The Performing Arts Education Center on the campus of Agoura High School, and you're invited! Tickets will be available on very soon or at the door. Reserved seating is available.

Kim Speth is the advisor to the 35-member club from Agoura Hills, California, which started eleven years ago. Follow them on Twitter @agourafashion and read on for our exclusive Q&A with Co-President Gwendolyn Royal, our Featured FC Member from December...

Tell us about your fashion show: Our fashion show has been taking place annually for nine years. It features student designers of all ages who want to showcase their creativity. Each designer sews and designs four to six of their own looks, chooses their own models, and does their own hair and makeup. We have nine designers this year.

Everything is student run—from the planning to the sound and lighting. This year we taking leaps to the show by adding fashion week before the show in order to promote. 

How are you promoting it? We are doing a fashion week on campus the week before the show, with dress-up days and competitions to win tickets to the show. We are also advertising it on posters at school. Also promoting it through social media and contacting local schools in our area.

What is the theme? Each collection has its own unique theme—from workout attire to jungle to rock-n-roll.

What styles will be on the runway? Menswear, womenswear, ready-to-wear, couture, costume, and almost anything you can think of.

What the best part about organizing an event like this? The best part about organizing an event like this is giving people a platform to showcase their creativity. We are all aspiring fashion designers and this gives us a way to share our art with the community. 

What are the biggest challenges? The biggest challenges are deadlines and communication. There are so many amazing people working on this event and it can sometimes be challenging to coordinate with everyone.

Anything else you'd like to share? We have been working on this event since last summer and we would love to share it with all of you.



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Santiago High School FIDM Fashion Club President Madison Smith shares with us her club story about "Revolution: 10th Annual Fashion Show." Her 30-member club in Corona, California, started in 2012 with Carlotta Maggi as their Fashion Club Advisor. Follow them on Instagram @fashionclubsantiago. Read on to find out what Madison has to say...

On March 14, 2015, the Fashion Department of Santiago High School had a night to remember. It was our 10th anniversary fashion show and the theme we chose was "Revolution." Designers created amazing pieces that started an uprise of fresh new concepts of the past. With over 20 first-time designers, this was our biggest outcome yet. We had many return from last year to create some lines with up to 13 pieces.

Eras such as the Industrial Revolution, Steampunk, and iconic figures like Rosie the Riveter were translated on the runway with pieces that displayed originality.

For Fashion Club this is our biggest event of the year, and designers start with sketches months prior. We head off in October on a field trip to the Garment District in Downtown Los Angeles and we also tour the FIDM campus. From then on, every day in fashion class, designers are sewing, as well as after school during our club meetings.

It takes a team of people to plan lights, music, props, and hair/makeup. Starting in November we begin our model tryouts and practices. We have amazing girls participating and practicing in the hallways during club to get ready for the big day. By January we have our promotional posters designed and ready to be printed out.

We get our name out there by doing announcements and as well having promo videos be shown on our school's video show.

This year we had returning judges from years past as well as graduating students from last year. Ary Morales attends the OC campus and is an official FIDM Social Ambassador, and Sabrine Huizar is studying Fashion Design at FIDM.

Overall the night was a success. The dedication from the students who put in time to make it happen is what makes our FIDM Fashion Club pretty special. All the preparation and hard work pays off when designers see their outfits hit that theater stage. It's a feeling of excitement, nerves, and most importantly pride. The talent and creativity flows among everyone and makes for a motivated group of people!

Check out more of their beautiful images below.

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Santiago HS - Megan Plock Photography-7977

Santiago HS - Megan Plock Photography-7748

Santiago HS - Megan Plock Photography-7812

Santiago HS - Megan Plock Photography-8072


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This week, Valencia High FIDM Fashion Club President Kimmy Baggelaar shares with us her club story about their recent photo shoot. Her 15-member club started three years ago with Eve Itaya as her Fashion Club Advisor. Read on to find out what Kimmy has to say...

The Valencia High School FIDM Fashion Club recently participated in a photo shoot to showcase different styling techniques. We assembled a camera crew, as well as a nail polish station, hair station, makeup station, and accessories station. The remaining girls were divided into stylists and models.

We each brought some clothes and threw them all in a pile to be mix matched and worn as new. The stylists had the creativity to pick which outfits they thought would fit the mood of the picture. The camera crew experimented with traditional and unorthodox shooting techniques, and the models had the opportunity to experience new roles as models!

Shooting in local outdoor locations, our team was able to grow as individuals as well as become more seasoned artists.

One of my goals was to provide an environment where each student would feel that they could contribute something unique to the activity or event. We each think differently and it is important to embrace these qualities and allow them to flourish. As our high school years are very formative to our personal development, I think this photo shoot embodied aspects that represent each person and their choice of artistic expression.

Check out some of their beautiful images below from their shoot.

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The producers that bring you the Emmy-nominated show Project Runway are now searching for the next big names in fashion!

Project Runway Junior is looking for 14 to 17 year old designers to be on their very own season. The winner will receive cash prizes and a college scholarship to FIDM!

Find out all the details about how to enter on The application deadline is May 4, so get started!

If you have any questions, please email

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