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Ask Fashion Girl

Dear Fashion Girl:

I need some serious tips on how to update my wardrobe to look nice, but not too nice—just in the middle. Please keep in mind I just turned 12. I like stores such as Old Navy, American Eagle, and Gap. I just don't know how to put pieces together to get the look I am going for. Please help!


Dear Kelly:

It sounds like you're going for a casual chic look, right? Something that shows you have a lot of style, while at the same time, comfortable. The way to achieve this is by combining styles—think 'hybrid outfit!' Basically, just style a casual outfit, then swap one piece out for something a little more elegant.

Try pairing a dressy skirt with sneakers, or a dressy jacket with cotton shorts. Check out the American Eagle outfit pictured below. It's all about that lace skirt and shiny bag. The t-shirt and sneakers keep it sporty, but the overall look is completely chic.

American Eagle

Accessories can also make a huge difference when you're trying to dress something up (or down). A statement necklace with large stones and sparkle can really dress up a cotton tank and jeans. In the AE outfit above, the model is wearing a pile of blingy bangles, totally amping up the snazz factor.

Write back and let me know your favorite casual outfit and I'll give you some specifics on how to dress it up, OK?

Stylishly Yours,

—Fashion Girl

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