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Job Ready Dress

Dear Fashion Girl,
I'm applying at a very chic and hip shoe store when I turn 17 (in less than a month). What should I do and/or wear to hopefully get the job?
—Truly Me

Dear Truly,

Good for you! A summer job in retail is great experience for a career in fashion. Over the next few weeks, drop in at the shoe store and make a mental note of how the employees dress. This will give you an idea for what to wear on the interview. Of course, always dress more conservatively for the interview than you would dress if you were working there.

Take a look at the article "Job Ready Dress" on FashionClub.com. It gives great tips on how to dress for an interview. Keep in mind that you want to show that you have a great sense of style, but that you also have great respect for the formality of interviews and that you take the process seriously. Err on the side of dressing conservatively—nothing too sheer, short or tight, or too skin-baring. If it looks like something you could wear to the beach, better to avoid it on an interview. Go chic and go strong!

Good luck to you! Let me know how it goes.

—Fashion Girl

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