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Mobile retail stores—what's not to love?

Fashion entrepreneurs are modeling retail businesses after the success of the food truck phenomenon. It completely makes sense. Trucks takes less capital to launch a business, and it's a super hot trend, which adds a fun element to the whole fashion experience.

Le Fashion Truck was the first one to set up shop on the streets of Los Angeles, back in 2010. They are doing amazing. It's often parked just blocks from FIDM, at downtown’s FIGat7th. Follow them on Twitter or check their blog to see where they'll be next.

In some cases, fashion trucks are the stepping stone to online boutiques and stationary retail locations, as well. CNN reported that it cost Vanessa Lurie of Portland, Oregon, about $2,000 to transform a 1969 Cardinal Deluxe trailer (pictured above) into a two-rack vintage boutique called Wanderlust. In just two years, she was able to open a store.

Be sure to also check out Runaway Runway, JD Luxe, and Shop Truck LA.

Runaway Runway

JD Luxe

Shop Truck LA


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