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Career girl

Dear Career Girl:

Hi, :) my name is Aysia. I just want to know exactly what it is that jewelry designers do?


Dear Aysia:

Simply put, jewelry designers are artists who turn their inspiration into wearable, marketable designs. Depending on their interests, they work in everything from fashion accessories to fine gems, for jewelry firms or their own brand. They are passionate, self-motivated leaders.

They research and analyze current and past design trends, research and develop jewelry designs, understand the jewelry manufacturing process, and utilize their extensive knowledge of materials including metals and gems.

Jewelry Design is one of the creative majors offered at FIDM. Consulting jewelry design instructor Kim Hurlbert helped launch the program and is an expert in gems, having graduated from the Gemological Institute of America and Gemological Association of Great Britain.

I hope this was helpful, Aysia. If you have any more questions about the jewelry business, send 'em my way!

-Career Girl
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