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Dear Career Girl:

Hi! I'm a high school student in 12th grade and I was interested in going to FIDM. I just wanted to know if it's a good school to become a fashion stylist. I noticed there's a lot of opportunity for fashion design, but I'm more of a stylist than a designer. Are there classes for styling?

Thanks! (:


Dear Kassandra:

Good question! Yes, FIDM offers 20 creative majors, including Visual Communications, which has a focus in fashion styling. Check out the VCOMM curriculum—you'll love the course on Fashion Styling & Coordination, which culminates in a themed fashion shoot.

Read about FIDM Visual Communicaitons Grad Daniel Musto, who is now a celebrity stylist.

Good luck to you, Kassandra. Exciting stuff is in store for you!

-Career Girl


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