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P12430_hero Fragrance designer and FIDM Instructor André Barnwell is our newest guest blogger, answering your questions about fragrance! Look for more expert advice in the coming weeks.

Today's question: "Why do women wear men's fragrances?"

André says...

This trend accelerated when women started to embrace aromatherapy as a tool for relaxation. Candles, incense, bath oils, and burning oils for the home became very popular. The types of oils that work best in aromatherapy tend to be the heavier scents like vanilla, cinnamon, lavender, sandalwood, cedar wood, patchouli, and frankincense to name a few. These are common in men’s fragrances as well. You first started to buy lotions and creams with these scents and then when you went to the fragrance counter to buy a new fragrance for yourself you smelled a few men’s fragrances and thought to yourself, “this would smell great on me. I love the smell of sandalwood—it’s my favorite candle.” So, you bought it for yourself. If someone asked what you were wearing, you either made up a name or, if it was your best girlfriend, you told the truth. It has been reported that 60 percent of male fragrances bought are worn by women. What do you think?

André Barnwell is a fragrance designer and instructor at FIDM who teaches Fundamentals of Fragrance in the Beauty Industry Merchandising & Marketing Program.


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I had no idea that 60% of men's frangrances were worn by women. I am from Brazil and they don't do that there. Is there a place that I can find research about what fragrance to get for my husband? I want to get a gift.


Hi Mrs. Brazil! I would suggest going to Sephora in person and get samples. I'm not sure what men wear in Brazil, but because it is warmer/tropical there all Brazilians probably prefer lighter scents. Before you go to the Sephora in person check out their website ( www.sephora.com), click fragrance, then click men, then click on the first bottle you see in the description you will see a smaller box click that. Their men's fragrance categories are fresh, aromatic or woody. Try fresh first, it will break into fresh water, fresh green and fresh citrus. Start with these and smell them at the store. You know you husband better than me and he will probably love what you like ( especially if he's a wise husband). Write or print those you are interested in before you go to the store and smell them and others when you are there. Any man would be very happy with all your effort. Good Luck!

This kind of perfume is my favorite.

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