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Courtney4 FIDM Fashion Design Student Courtney Little created an entire collection--including accessories--for this year's "Passport to Style" event. Her hard work paid off when she was awarded the first place scholarship in the competition. In our latest interview, find out more about Courtney and get the scoop on what it's really like to be a FIDM Student. --Kim

Courtney3Name: Courtney Marie Little
Major: Fashion Design
FIDM Campus: San Diego, then Los Angeles
URL: and
Hometown: Southern, CA. I grew up in Orange County than moved to San Diego when I was 15.
FIDM Grad Year: 2009

Who is your style icon and why? My Grandmother, Jamie Jean.  Timeless class and beauty, my grandmother has always had a way about her you can't miss.  Her taste is impeccable, and decisive.  She holds her head high without being afraid to get in the floor to play childishly with her grandchildren.  I feel style goes beyond what you're wearing and my grandmother has set a high bar for me.

Courtney2_2 What are some of your top sources of inspiration?  I draw inspiration from everything, from the works of the masters to graffiti on a city bus.  I soak everything up. In order to create new completely unexpected things you must be inspired by the unexpected and the ornate as well as the run of the mill. 

What is the most beloved item in your wardrobe? A gray silk tunic I made a few years ago. It's worn in and comfortable but looks great with almost anything. It is neutral gray and can be dressed up or down easily with different belts and jewelry or paired with different pants and skirts, this one piece has an endless number of options.  Every girl loves things that can multiply her wardrobe easily, with little effort and still keep her looking well put together and classy.

If you could own the wardrobe of any t.v. or film character, whose would it be?  I've never been the type of girl to like the complete wardrobe of someone else for anyone else but them. I like my wardrobe; a collection of second hand and homemade pieces, random odds and ends from here and there and hand me downs. I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Passport What are some of your greatest accomplishments? Recently I was awarded the first place scholarship from FGI Focas' Passport to Style.  To be candid I worked my butt off.  I handmade dresses, skirts, tops, belts, jewelry, hats and handbags for the event.  I was overwhelmed with excitement and pride when my pieces finally came down the runway. Knowing that I had labored for weeks to get everything together and had not let myself get off track give me a great feeling of accomplishment, not to mention how proud I was to say that I had created all the beautiful things from scratch.

How did you know FIDM was the right college for you? I did some research and looked into other schools.  I attended FIDM's "3 Days of Fashion" event and I met some of the staff at FIDM. Ultimately it was the staffs love and enthusiasm that helped me to make the decision to attend FIDM.

Courtney5What do you enjoy most about attending FIDM? I love that the first day of class you get to dive right in. I have learned so much.  The quick pace of the classes can sometimes feel overwhelming but it keeps me on my toes. Ultimately FIDM has given me the confidence to try and the ability to complete so many pieces I would shied away from before.

What is your ultimate career goal after graduating from FIDM? I would love to work for a high-end design house, such as Ralph Lauren Black Label. However I would hate to miss out on designing snow boarding clothing for Burton or panties for Victoria Secret.  Honestly, I can't wait to graduate  so I can get my hands into everything.  Eventually I would love to have my own design house and have my name be recognizable within the industry and to the public.

Courtney6 What advice would you give future FIDM Students?  Apply yourself. Pretend that every piece of work you do is the only piece of your work that someone of high regard in the industry will see.  If you hold yourself to a higher standard than the teachers do, you won't be letting yourself down and you won't be letting the teacher down either. You have to set the bar for yourself and you have to soar over it.

All images courtesy of Courtney Little.


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Live and let live.

In my mind you are the best*_*

Vision and touch are improving fast enough for the cage soon to be removed.

Apply yourself. Pretend that every piece of work you do is the only piece of your work that someone of high regard in the industry will see

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