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I happened to be surfing the website, and came across some bargains on burmudas  for summer.

The Macy's link will take you directly to the shorts page.

The ones above come in black and pebble, for $24.

Better yet, the ones below go for $20 -- and if you're not as tall as a fashion model, they'll be longer on you, perhaps to the knee:


And of course, we can't forget the old standby denim knee shorts, a trend started in the '80s by Madonna and her BFF Sandra Bernhard:


I love the look of burmudas, and these make me want to go shopping right now! And FYI, notice how high-waisted these three are! --Belissa


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And of course, we can't forget the old standby denim knee shorts

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Wow. I would never have the smarts to look stuff like this up.

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