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File under: Why didn't I think of that?

The Bosom Button is a functional accessory designed to minimize excessive cleavage on your favorite tops. It can also stand in for a missing button or remedy a shirt gap. Missingbutton

Each one is made with a Swarovski crystal or pearl and eliminates the need for safety pins or camisoles under low-cut tops.Wraptop

It can also be used to hold together other things like sarongs, wrap tops, pashminas, etc.

What a great invention! They're only $12 or a set of three for $25. Goodbye, ugly safety pins! --Belissa


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Great idea! Love it!

Us men have had these for years -- though they've fallen out of fashion in recent ... well, decades.

They're called "tie tacks"!

Bah, way to ruin it for everyone, Bosom Button.

Bah, way to ruin it for everyone, Bosom Button.

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